Program Application

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Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 30 day(s)
Commission type Percent of Sale
Base commission 10.00% and product specific
Additional terms 10% of all Time Cube sales after discounts, excluding tax and shipping.

Put time on your side with the famous TimeCube!

Today's life is busy and full of distractions. The TimeCube was created to help you stay focused on the task at hand. Whether it be for self-improvement, wellness, cooking, family, or workplace productivity, this simple-to-use timer helps you manage your day.

With the Time Cube, there’s no more fumbling around with dials and buttons or getting distracted when setting the timer on your phone. Just flip the cube to the countdown time you need and get going. The cube will beep when the countdown is complete - just flip back upright to stop. It’s that simple.

It's popular and a proven seller!

The TimeCube is much loved and has a proven track record. It is the perfect tool to help everyone manage time in all sorts of environments, from teachers, parents, students, children, executives, and life coaches... in the classroom, at home, in the kitchen, at the gym, at the office... the possibilities are endless! Since the demographic touches so many lifestyles, you won't have a problem matching the TimeCube with your customers or readers.

Its rated 4.2 stars on Amazon with over 1,000 reviews, with an extensive fan base who frequently order multiple pieces, multiple times!

Join our successful winning team!

Become a Datexx TimeCube Affiliate and become a smart tool advocate! Tell people about our awesome TimeCube, and earn a 10% commission when they buy!

We're here to support you


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300 x 250

800 x 82


General TimeCube Video

TimeCube for cooking Video

TimeCube for learning Video

TimeCube for Wellness Video

TimeCube for productivity Video

It's simple to join:

  1. Sign up for our affiliate program.

  2. Once you get approved, start spreading the love.

  3. Every time someone makes a purchase using your referral link, you earn 10% on their order.

  4. Payments are made only once an affiliate has accumulated a minimum of $20 worth of commissions.


Datexx Time Cube Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions constitute a legal agreement between Datexx and you ("Affiliate"). By signing up to be an Affiliate in the Datexx Time Cube Affiliate Program ("Program") you agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions. Please ensure that you read them carefully prior to signing up.


"Agreement" - the contents of the contract between Datexx and the Affiliate in respect to the Program.

"Program" - The affiliate program as set out on the Site and is governed by this Agreement.

"Affiliate" - Party who agrees to take part in the Program.

"Link" - HTML link provided to the Affiliate to link to the Affiliate's website to the Site.

"Site" – website.

1. The Agreement

1.1. An Affiliate must provide full legal name, e-mail address and any other information requested in order to create an Affiliate account.

1.2. Datexx reserves the right to update and change the Terms from time to time without notice.

1.3. Any modifications or changes to the Program shall be the subject to these Terms.

1.4. Affiliates may not use the Program for any illegal or unauthorized purposes.

Violation of these Terms and Conditions may result in suspension of your right to be an Affiliate and may result in lost commissions and/or removal from the Program.

2. Modification of Datexx Time Cube Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

Datexx reserves the right to modify or otherwise change the Terms and Conditions of the Agreement at any time. In the case of any modifications to the Terms and Conditions in this Agreement, the Affiliate will be notified by e-mail. If the Affiliate refuses to accept any modification, the Affiliate's only option is to terminate the Agreement.

3. Affiliate Account

In order to join the Datexx Time Cube Affiliate network (powered by Refersion), the Affiliate must complete and submit the online application and create a login and password located at From this account the Affiliate will be able to track and view sales, and receive commission payments. 

4. Legitimate Methods of Advertising

4.1. Affiliate is permitted to use links, discount codes, any related banners, or text advertisements provided by Datexx through its Affiliate Program.

4.2. Affiliate is not permitted to promote any non-Affiliate Program related materials, such as coupon codes provided in Datexx customer newsletters, codes provided to other Affiliates, any other promotional codes or coupon codes received from any source other than directly from the Datexx Time Cube Affiliate Program.

4.3. The promotion should include the offer, discount code (if applicable), link provided by Datexx Time Cube Affiliate Program and offer expiration date.

4.4. Affiliates must remove invalid codes and banners from their website, social media accounts or email offers once they become outdated or are no longer working.

4.5. Affiliate coupon codes and links are not to be promoted on third party websites such as coupon databases.

4.6. Any sales that have been generated through improper promotion will result in loss of commission.

4.7. Datexx reserves the right to take legal action against any Affiliate that commits fraud or refuses to comply with the Terms and Conditions set forth in the Agreement.

5. Copyrighted Material

Affiliate is responsible for ensuring that product descriptions and images comply with all applicable copyright, trademark, data protection, any intellectual property rights or any other applicable law. Datexx will not be responsible if an Affiliate uses another party's copyrighted material in violation of the law.

6. Payments

6.1. Affiliates shall receive a commission for referring authorized sales via links provided by Datexx Time Cube Affiliate Program to Datexx Time Cube's website. The customer must make a purchase by clicking the link on Affiliate's website within 30 days of the initial click-through.

6.2. The commission is based on the net price (net of any discounts provided to the customer) of the product that is sold. Payments are made only once an Affiliate has generated a minimum of $20 worth of commissions.

6.3. Commission rates may be changed at any time by Datexx and current applicable commission rates may be viewed by logging into Affiliate's account.

6.4. It is the Affiliate's ongoing responsibility to determine whether a payout associated with any particular link provided has been discontinued by Datexx. Datexx is not responsible for any lost revenue or incurred costs as a result of an Affiliate using an invalid link.

6.5. The commission is paid only on links that can be tracked and reported by Datexx Time Cube Affiliate Program systems powered by Refersion. In order for Reversion to properly track any referral, the customer must have their cookies enabled on their web browser. Datexx is not responsible for any lost revenue or incurred costs as a result of customers not having their cookies enabled at the time they make a purchase. 

6.6. Refunded payments do not qualify for commission fees. To the extent a customer receives a refund, no commission shall be paid to the Affiliate.

7. Datexx Obligations

Datexx agrees to undertake the following obligations:

7.1. Providing the Affiliate with promotional materials, such as links, coupon codes, banners and any other graphic materials Datexx, in its own discretion, believes necessary to properly promote its products.

7.2. Processing all orders for Datexx Time Cube products sold via the Affiliate's links.

7.3. Tracking sales generated via the Affiliate's links.

7.4. Providing timely payment processing, cancellations, returns and other related customer service activities for Datexx Time Cube products sold via the Affiliate's links.

8. The License

8.1. Datexx grants to the Affiliate a non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable right to access the Datexx Time Cube site though certain links provided to the Affiliate by Datexx via Reversion in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement and in connection with any promotional materials provided and authorized by Datexx.

8.2. Affiliate cannot modify or change any materials provided by Datexx in any way.

8.3. Both parties agree not to use the other party's materials in any manner that could be construed or considered to be misleading, or disparaging or otherwise portrays the other party in a negative light.

8.4. Any inappropriate use of the promotional material may be cause for immediate termination of the Agreement.

9. Liability

Datexx will not be liable to the Affiliate for defects in the service provided by Refersion, access interruptions to the service, loss of data via the information handling system or viruses, loss of profits, or any loss caused by any third party by deleting, removing, deactivating or tampering with the Affiliate tracking service or any other consequential loss, whether arising from neglect, error or breach of contract.

10. Termination

The Term of the Agreement shall commence upon Datexx’s acceptance of the Affiliate's Datexx Time Cube Affiliate Program application and can be terminated by either party. Affiliation can be ended with or without cause at any time, by one party providing the other party notice of termination in the form of e-mail. Upon termination of the Agreement, the Affiliate will remove all links to Datexx's website, as well as any and all banners and/or graphic images provided to Affiliate in connection with the Datexx Time Cube Affiliate Program.